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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 22, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> julie, so excited. classic trix is returning. >> original recipe is back. thanks for joining us. >> "america's "america's newsroom headquarters" starts now. >> fox news alert, breaking developments on obamacare reform as we learn a critical no vote from a republican senator. here's the news on it. it's on there in the bottom box. arizona senator john mccain says he will not vote for the graham-cassidy bill. he issued a statement saying, "i cannot in good conscience vote for the graham-cassidy proposal." this comes as maine senator susan collins released a statement saying she's not fully on board yet either. "i'm leaning against the bill. i'm reading the fine print on
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graham-cassidy. the premiums are so high. they would be unaffordable." campaign director for the center of american progress action fund, and your patent, staff writer -- i'm going to go to you first the republicans knew they were going to have a challenge and they knew it might be squeaky to tight, but this changes the game how so? >> yes, i sent a lot of these waffling republicans are the result of ineffectual leadership coming from the republican party and congress. i think that if republican leadership was better at flexing their muscle and getting their members in line with their agenda, we wouldn't be seeing these problems. i think some of the criticisms about the graham-cassidy bill are perfectly legitimate. senator ron paul points out, rightly so, this is not full repeal, right? this is not going to fix the mess that obamacare god in this country i think some of the other criticisms are not so realistic,
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particularly the ones surrounding, you know, that this would remove protections for those with pre-existing conditions. i don't think that's a realistic expectation to have going into this. i think pain is right in that the process has been so secretive and republicans are not communicating with one another effectively, but i don't know that his grand vision of an open process is realistic at all, either. >> you know, this is not necessarily a win for the democrats, because the people who don't win if you don't fix the problems of obamacare somehow, someway, are the american people. where do you come down on this? >> the problem of the graham-cassidy bill, sure, there are problems of republican leadership, the problems are the ideas, the substance of the bill. the only proposal you have after running seven years against health care is something would potentially increase premiums for people with preexisting conditions, that's a problem.
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that's why john mccain is voting against the bill and how terrible the process was moving forward. there was a pretty good process, a bipartisan process moving forward in the senate led by senators alexander and mary to stabilize the market, stabilize the market and move forward to try to get to these goals, these professed goals that everybody cares about, of lowering premiums and expanding coverage. they actually had a good process going there, working together the way the senate should work, until republican leadership tried to stick this bill into try to get it repealed in and score a win, it's more about getting a win. >> do you know what's interesting, bree? you've got the policy aspect from emily, but the bottom line with mccain and others on this issue is how the process is being handled. is there an opportunity before the special rules run out that will enable them to do it with a majority vote? and you've got to get 60 after september 30th. is there an opportunity for republicans to look at the process and expand out the
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dialogue and debate on this bill? >> i don't think there is an opportunity, with 62% of democrats supporting a single-payer health care system, which would bankrupt this country and completely not at all realistic, i do agree with emily that it is very frustrating to see, you know, all of us, we were promised by republicans running for reelection that they they would repeal obamacare, as it turns out they lied to us the entire time. and now we have several of these loudmouth senators who are going off and being like, no, i don't really want to do this because of this, that, the other, waffling about it. it certainly is frustrating. there is a conclusive policy action to fix these problems, she is right that the substance in this bill is totally flawed. it would, in fact, give unelected bureaucrats in washington power to control how all 50 states spend all of their money, which is, you know, too much control in the hands of washington. >> before we go on, this is breaking news and we are now just getting more details from
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that statement i want to share with our viewers, senator mccain saying this in a statement just moments ago. "we should not be content to pass health care legislation on a party line basis as democrats did when they rammed obamacare through congress in 2009." look, he's got a fair point. emily, i've heard the point, people debated and talked about it. in the in the and may, it was yr party's house speaker nancy pelosi who said, we will pass it and see what's in it. in the end , it it wasn't transparent. not enough voices got in there. what do you say? >> there were 32 hearings in both the house and senate on the original bill. look, it could've been more transparent. it could always be more transparent -- to >> we still didn't know what was in it -- because she was referring to the regular american people who heard so much rhetoric to feel e benefits of the bill, they didn't have to go through it for it to be realized, which it did. which is why the majority of the
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american public has vastly changed their opinion about the law permit when it was just rhetoric, they were against it. now, you can go a person to person in here, my premiums are affordable, i am a pre-existing condition. talk about stabilizing the market and moving forward, that's a real problem. -- >> not to a person in alaska, not any persons there. >> when senator murkowski voted not to repeal obamacare she was greeted in airports by crowds laughing for her. people were begging her to keep health care in place. they were trying to get her on this graham-cassidy bill, this was to keep obamacare in alaska -- >> do you know what's interesting about what you're saying and i've drilled down on some of the polling because it's not a tough question, do you want to keep it, it's all the things deep inside many of those polls that were taking those surveys seem to show, bree, that there just wasn't enough substance that people could understand what republicans'
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plan was. >> that's fair. >> what emily is pointing to, look, anybody would choose the demons that they know over the ones they cannot predict. >> yeah. you're exactly right. i definitely think much of the public's perception of obamacare has been over republicans tripping over their own feet as being unduly unable putting together a plan making any sense at all -- >> which is a? that's the big question americans want to know. they put these people in office, they put a republican president in office, and why is it that this is the case? >> it's because they lied. that's really what it is, plain and simple. they lied when they were running for office, no plan to do this at all. every opportunity they've had to do this, they've messed it up, and it does seem almost intentional to a degree, right? when they do put together a repeal plan, it doesn't really make any sense. i think the last three efforts we've seen are, like, are you kidding? you are pulling this apart and putting this in place? >> that is a bold statement.
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i wrote it down, you feel like you were obliged to, the american people. here's what's interesting. you have a president here who is willing to deal with whoever he needs to deal with in the room. it makes you wonder what 11 hour move he might make. emily? >> look, anything is possible with this president. i think it would be very difficult to envision a plan he would push forward right now that would get enough votes to move forward. look at what john mccain is talking about -- >> but you don't know! >> look, there are no known for this president, that we know for sure. keeping obamacare in place as a bottom line, and redline for democrats. expanding the coverage is the place they would want to go. if the rhetoric coming out of the president is he would want to repeal it, that's going -- that's not going to be something they can deal on. it would take real process, which is what started to happen in the senate, but there's not time for it if they want to make the end of the special rules deadline where you need the
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simple majority. they would have to go to an actual bipartisan process that would take 60 votes. >> you know, outside of the deadline, we are also pressed up against is just this, sort of, you know, lack of, um, order inside the senate and the house, americans are watching, they wonder why it takes this long, particular in the senate, you hear mccain and others talk about it. you wonder, though, bre, would mccain agree necessarily anything? >> i mean, i think that's a great question. and i think a lot of the objections that we've have seen from republicans who have repeatedly, you know, objected to all the plans, i think definitely, raises that the questions and a lot of our minds. i think democrats, they are helping load term individuals to have good quality health care, they really want to cut medicaid and stop it because many of the doctors who do accept medicaid do it on a semifacultative basi basis. doctors even accept medicare, right?
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what we are seeing is huge increases in emergency and room wait times because that's where so many people do in large part because obamacare expend the medicaid. i definitely think that democrats, they are seeking to help those individuals they want to put together a program that looks entirely different or they want to, you know, enable the marketplace to be freer to come up with solutions that actually help people instead of expanding this policy of that is really quite terrible for so many americans -- >> you know, using big and bold words from both of you, i have to say that the american people must be scratching their heads. who did they put into office on either side of the political aisle that this far into it they can't get any kind of agreement on health care? i mean, the president, formerly of obama, made 45 changes or delays with his executive authority to obamacare. he knew there were problems with it, everybody knew, we still today stand on the friday before the week they've got to get it done quick smack scratching our heads too. i'm going to ask you to stand by
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because the news continues to bring, and we've had other stakeholders who are going to come on this however the panel will stand by. let's bring in sheep congressional correspondent mike emanuel who's been standing by to give us some of the facts. my? >> been talking to resources all day long, trying to figure out how close they were to get 50 yes votes. i've been hearing the same thing we were hearing in july, which is we are getting close, but nobody saying we are there in getting the 50 yes votes. a lot of folks saying the only thing that's been different between now and what hope and in july when health care reform failed by senator mccain's thinking it was that mccain's best friend in the world, lindsey graham, has his name on this bill. there was some thought that maybe out of friendship to lindsey graham, john mccain might get on board and vote yes and help push this forward. now eyes shift to people like susan collins of maine who voted no back in july. and today, said she's leaning against it. a lot of folks were not holding out a lot of hope that she would
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get on board. there was an event with vice president mike pence and lepage of maine to support this effort, but susan collins seems to be getting support back home in maine and says she's leaning against the bill. it appears this bill may be on the verge of failure. the question is what majority leader mitch mcconnell does next week. there's some suggestion that some folks at the white sox would want to put republican senators on the record, are you for getting rid of obamacare or do you want to keep obamacare? there are some looking at the 2018 election map wondering another epic failure by senate republicans would have a devastating impact at the ballot box next year. so that's some of the things we are watching. >> that's the wild card, right? the president. that's what i was talking with the political panel here with john mccain. there was a whole lot of surprise when john mccain was even entertaining this idea because he was so against the previous bill that had come out. the wild card now is to see what the president with his bully pulpit can do. he's got a bicameral leadership
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within his own party. i wonder if you will go to the hill himself. mike emanuel, thank you very much. we do have some breaking news on president trump's travel ban, which has been coming together all day. the white house announced major changes as we speak. we will bring you those details right after the break. stay close. marie callender's turkey pot pie starts with turkey covered in a rich, flavorful gravy. and a crust made from scratch. because she knows that when it's cold outside, it's good food and good company that keep you warm inside. marie callender's. it's time to savor. when it comes to reducing the evsugar in your family's dietom. coke, dr. pepper, and pepsi hear you and we're working together to do just that.
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>> well, on this friday, news about health care. it is the deal blowing up? the graham-cassidy bill that republicans had hoped to bring to the floor. the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said he was going to bring it for a vote early this week. they think they can get it done. all of a sudden, this problem. arizona senator john mccain says he will not vote for that
11:17 am
bill. this making use too an answer back from tocco showed late-night jimmy kimmel. he just tweeted, "thank you johnny -- john mccain for being a hero again and again and again." bre getting a shot out from someone who on the liberal side has been very vocal, using his nighttime platform, republicans getting done with obamacare oba repealing obamacare. >> jimmy kimmel is not an authority on health care, right -- >> that's an understatement. >> it's been kind of annoying, honestly, how many people in washington are trying to tiptoe and accommodate for him. yes, he has a sad story what happened to him and his family -- >> let's not make it about jimmy. let's make it about senator mccain. he just tweeted and gave a personal thank you note to a republican senator. >> yeah. he definitely did do that. i do think, however, jimmy kimmel's story how
11:18 am
overregulation hurts health care for all of us. i think the over regulations we have seen time and time again make it so difficult for people to receive access to quality care. they have driven up the cost of health care for everyone. i mean, hospitals over bill you because they know your insurance will step in and handle it because they are required to do so. we take a step back and look at the story, we can see the rag letting the market and making it free for everyone is what's going to help us for the long run. >> i have to imagine what democrats are thinking on the hill. of course, i'm not inside their heads but i do have emily here. i know what you are thinking. >> i think this really kills the momentum for this bill. i think the thing so interesting about this is actually the timing. recall with the last vote, mccain waited -- i mean, the drama of it. he went to the floor, wouldn't talk to leadership, he dragged it out. he was really holding his cards very, very close to the vest
11:19 am
until he actually voted. for him to come out now a full week before the vote and say that he cannot vote on the process, there is no way they can solve the process between now and then print it be too short of a time period to do it, really means he is a hard no. there is no negotiating around that. he's really signaling that he is the stalwart of the senate. holding on to the decorum, which is it what seems like staking a lot of his legacy on. >> you know, bre, we look at this moving ahead, we don't have a lot of time to watch the water boil, if you will. the wild card i've been talking about this entire hour is going to be president trump. if he were to step in at this point, what do you think it would look like? >> i think it would look like making a mess of things further. i think the reason we've seen these repeated struggles with congress and the trump
11:20 am
administration is the trump white house doesn't have people who understand the legislative problems -- >> wait a minute, he's getting deals done! i dam on the side of emily with this. this is a president who's actually gotten the deal, albeit he had to go to the democrats did get it. that should be a signal to tax reform and health care with the deadline looming forward, also the spending legislature coming back as well because you kick that down the road for three months, the debt ceiling. this was supposed to be an opportunity for republicans to step up. this is a president who calls them out by name! >> yeah. >> i figure some people are going to get some phone calls this weekend. >> they deafly will get some phone calls. i do think, however, a lot of the conservatives within the republican party were hampered by a lot of president trump's promises, lead promises to acute protections for those with pre-existing conditions, other things he promised as well. i think when you add those things into the mix and you add those things into the bag of things you have to work with in order to put together a policy
11:21 am
plan the president will sign, i do think that makes things more collocated and i think is very clear at this point that the only way to get us out of this mess is to repeal obamacare in total -- >> rand paul has been saying this. you don't have the votes among and republicans. bre, emily, thank you for being along with the breaking news. senate candidates are going head-to-head on religion, changing gears slightly, but we are going to come back to health care for sure because it's part of a high-stakes runoff in alabama, as a national conversation. watch this. >> there is a god. and there is a god in heaven that is -- vehicle i don't think god is just on your side. i don't think god is just on my side. i think he's on both of our sides. i think he's on the president's side. >> the ideological fight going on in alabama. senator luther strange is about to get some health. the president is going to
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>> fox news alert now. health and human services secretary tom price is under investigation. he's accused of taking government business trips using private jets. the inspector general confirming the office looking to comply with federal regulations. he added, "when questions arose about potentially inappropriate travel, we immediately began assessing the issue. and i can confirm that work is underway and will be completed as soon as possible." that from the office of the inspector general. heartbreak and desperation in mexico. emergency crews are fighting the clock to rescue any survivors
11:26 am
still buried alive. nearly 72 hours now since a huge earthquake hit that area. she corresponded jonathan hunt is live in mexico city. jonathan, a lot of conversation and disagreement about whether there are children or at least one child who was alive inside that school. what is going on? >> yeah, that has been moved on from now, really, harris. that was a story yesterday today. rescue efforts taking place across mexico city, including a very intense one here in what was a four story textile factory in the center of the city. what you are looking at now is hundreds of rescue workers digging down into the basement of that factory. there are still eight women workers who they believe are unaccounted for. they are obviously hoping against hope that they might 51 or more of those surviving in the basement here. this is a very, very intense
11:27 am
church, it's been going on by hand using nothing more than sledgehammers and a crane to lift up bigger pieces of concrete. we understand right at this moment, there are two dogs down in the basement searching for any signs of life. but we are, as you said, approaching the 72 hour mark. in fact, we hit the exec 72 hour mark when that earthquake hit, and any rescue worker will tell you, harris, in these kinds of situations, in these kinds of conditions, the maximum time they really expect anybody to be able to survive is four days here in 96 hours. we are hitting the 72 hour mark. the relatives of all of those still missing, it is a desperate countdown to the inevitable moment when the mexican government feels it has to declare this in recovery rather than a rescue operation, harris. >> i know rescue dogs are playing a critical role in the search for survivors. >> yes.
11:28 am
the dogs are playing in absently critical role and are saving lives. they've been out here on this pile of rubble, as i said. today -- i also want to introduce you to an extraordinary dog handler and his team. hector mendez, can you believe this, was in houston, texas, then in florida with his recovery team helping in the recovery efforts after the hurricanes there. he flew back to mexico city from miami on the morning of september 19th. that is tuesday. he was sitting or lunch with friends and family when the earthquake hit. hector and his team including his dog, shira, i went immediately to work and have been saving lives ever since. listen here. >> cheryl, she's two years old. she's prepared by them in oaxaca state, a special dog. >> she's as saved many lives the
11:29 am
last few days? >> yes. six persons alive. >> because of her -- >> yeah, because of her. >> and hector, by the way, harris, is 72 years old. harris? >> wow. jonathan hunt, thank you very much. serious situation down there continuing to play out. well, a doozy of a debate last night in alabama. ahead of the senate runoff election next week. we will ask one of the participants, senator luther strange, about that and what he think about the breaking news on health care with senator mccain being against the graham-cassidy bill. also getting a visit with president trump. we will talk about all that after the break. >> a vote for judge moore isn't against the president. it's a vote for the people's agendas that elected the president! tech: when you schedule with safelite autoglass,
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>> the news that's breaking about health care on capitol hill now. senator john mccain in a statement before we went to air said he cannot support the recent health care plan by senators graham and cassidy. "i would consider supporting legislation similar to that offered by my friends senators graham and cassidy that were the product of extensive hearings, debate, and amendments, but that is not been the case." joining me now is senator strange in huntsville, alabama, where he will be joined
11:34 am
by president donald trump in a campaign rally, sir. that's gotta be exciting but the breaking news right now is on senator john mccain. are you surprised? >> well, i'm sad to say that i'm not. it's consistent with what he did to us the last time, sinking our opportunity to repeal and replace obamacare. i like the idea of letting the states make their own decisions. i was hopeful we could get to a "yes" and have a vote next week. this may be the last load of that effort, and i'm very disappointed that's the case. >> as you look at the numbers of boats and what we've been told on the hill, do you see a way forward? senator mitch mcconnell, your majority leader, said he feels like he can bring this to the floor for a vote, but that was before john mccain. was it close enough that you think you might still see the process play out, that the american people might see it come to fruition? >> well, i think the odds have gotten much longer now with
11:35 am
senator mccain's decision. so i'm not sure. it would always be great if we could get some democrats support to give some relief to the american people. i guess well springs eternal, some states have a great benefit if some summer credit -- that's a long shot, i have to say, right now, given the experience, at least, the time i've served in in the senate. >> president trump is going to be landing on air force one and he's going to bring you some political heat. on this particular issue, do you think there is a place, a wild card position for this president to come in and reach across the aisle. maybe he can get a couple of blue dog democrats. what do you think will in regards to health care? >> i'm looking forward to talk to the president about this. he -- to reach across the aisle. he wants to get something done. that's why i think he and i would hit it off while he's coming down to alabama, we are trying to find solutions to these problems. i don't think he's going to take
11:36 am
no for an answer, i'm glad he's taking that decision. i want to see results. this is another disappointing setback if we can't get it done next week. >> let's talk about your runoff first, the two going off in alabama against a guy by roy moore, steve bannon, who left as the white house advisor for the president, said he backs this president, but he's not backing you. first of all, set up the races, it stands right now, and why the present and being there is so critical for you? >> well, this is really, as you point out, this is about supporting the president and if the president's agenda and getting it done. you say you can support the president, but if you aren't supporting someone who has not got his agenda and party, you are to supporting the president. the president coming down here, the momentum in these runoff specials, as you know, turnout is important. people in alabama love the president. he's god, really, a story in the state -- who's coming home in
11:37 am
that sense. i'm glad we have a good, working relationship, and i think his presence would have a a huge difference. >> do you feel like he's needed his help up to this point? roy moore has been a challenge for you? >> you know, the president volunteered to come down here. we actually have a good, working relationship and a personal friendship and he needs somebody. the example of senator mccain breaking today. he needs to have an ally in the senate who knows how to get things done and work with other people. i've been proud to support his agenda. people in alabama overwhelmingly supports it. he overwhelmingly supports me. i think it's going to make a difference to him. if i were to when michael get in the senate, it would be another obstructionist. we wouldn't get anything done. >> it's interesting. that debate you had last night got pretty -- i don't know. we were looking for a little bit more substance and it seemed to get less than that. as you go forward, is this a personal back and forth, what's happening with roy moore?
11:38 am
it isn't just about him. steve steve bannon is backing him. that's an ideological thing going on in the party. >> there is a bunch of sanctions that are mad at the senate were mad at senator mcconnell or have their own personal agenda. it's not gotten me as much as it's a broader battle. that's why i'm glad to be aligned with the president, and that's why the people of alabama want to hear about that. i'm going to leave these outside forces to these own agendas. the agenda i've got, support the president, get things done in washington, that's what i'm pressing here. it's going to be really well received and so forth. >> senator strange, there are a lot of people who would like to see air force one landed in their behalf. in a few hours, you are going to kick off a rally. before i let you go, tell me about the event. >> the event is going to be over-the-top. it's going to be over 20,000 people, packed out arenas, standing room only, people outside waiting to get in. it's going to be entertaining. it's going to be the case why
11:39 am
people in alabama should go to the polls next tuesday and vote for me, to go back to washington and support the president. >> we will be covering every minute of everything that happens with that, i would imagine this is an important race. alabama, thank you very much. luther strange, thank you for your time. the white house is expanding on its travel ban to now include countries specific restrictions. kevin corke following the story, live from somerset, new jersey. this is interesting, because the president now is going to see how his band will stand against legal challenges. and he's getting even tougher. >> he is getting tougher. it's an important decision by this administration because it comes just ahead of the expiration of the original travel ban, the 90 days. we got a statement from the eminent trading saying, look, we are only going to admit those who can be properly vetted. and it won't pose a risk to national security. that is an important element to all of this. the administration wants people
11:40 am
to make sure that we are doing all we can. expanding the list of nations on the travel restriction group of nations, what we are really trying to see here based on what i'm getting from administration officials is this travel band, if you want to call it that, will basically vary country by country based on their cooperation with u.s. mandates. that is an important element, as you've read previously, there are a number of countries -- i think, 17 countries in all, that were on an early list of countries that simply were not upholding u.s. standards when it comes to admitting people in this country. and so, the u.s. is now saying about half of those countries have made changes that have brought them into compliance, that means we are going to have new restrictions on the ones who haven't. it's also important to point out, harris, there is no state in end date on these new restrictions. you talked about this previously, the high court will take a look at this all of those in the days, weeks, months ahead. i want to bring your attention to something the president tweeted after some of the recent
11:41 am
attacks on london. this is also instructive. it will give to the people at home what he is thinking ahead of the next announcements. tweeting, "the travel ban into the united states should be far larger, tougher, and more specific." there you have it right there. "more specific." >> to catch your breath, what we are talking about -- >> i'm good. it what happens when you drink a little red bull and it goes down the wrong way. let me say this. i do want you to know that as the administration unpacks this, they are going to expand the number of countries that will be impacted by the travel ban, and that will mean more specificity and of that list will change. it will be fungible. you do more to reach u.s. mandates, you can fall off the list. >> that's interesting.
11:42 am
okay. kevin corke, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> okay, continuing now with breaking news on senator john mccain, now saying that he cannot vote for the graham-cassidy health care bill which will replace obamacare. we will get senator john -- senator john soon to talk next. i try hard to get a great shape. this i can do, easily. benefiber® healthy shape is a clear, taste-free, 100% natural daily fiber... that's clinically proven to help me feel fuller longer. benefiber® healthy shape. this i can do!
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>> shepard smith on the fox news desk. american and russian generals meeting this week after the pentagon accused russia dropping a bomb near u.s. forces in syria. now moscow is threatening to retaliate if its troops come under fire. coming up, i will speak to the commander of the air war against isis. a fighter pilot come up purple heart recipient into, and his job includes being on the phone to keep escalations with russia escalating. >> and breaking news this hour, more response. a new setback for repeal and replace of obamacare as
11:46 am
senator john mccain says he cannot support the graham-cassidy bill. senator mccain said in a statement within the hour, "we should not be content passing health care legislation on a party line basis as democrats did when they rammed all, obamacare through congress." i want to start, if we can come as senator, with the breaking news of senator mccain now stepping away from this bill. >> right. well, that's certainly not a good development for passing the bill, harris, but there are a couple of uncommitted members and there is an opportunity between now and september 30th, the end of next week getting a vote on this. we know this issue is not going away. we've got markets that are in collapse, fewer and fewer options and premiums continue to skyrocket. at some point, this issue has to be addressed. i believe the approach that's in front of us right now is a really solid approach getting
11:47 am
power and control and decision-making out of washington, d.c., back in the hands of states where innovation and creativity can occur and where they can design solutions that benefit their populations. this is consistent with the way we think we ought to be approaching the issue and i'm hopeful that we will still have a path forward, but certainly senator mccain's announcement is not helpful today. >> i want to talk to you about another development today, that is the state medicaid directors, all 50 states coming together with these advocacy groups saying they do not like the bill. even in states where medicaid was not taken under obamacare, they actually would do better under the graham-cassidy bill, those stay together -- the american people need to understand what what is happeng with this. what is your response to that and how do you explain it? >> one is, first of all, that was the board of that organization. my state of south dakota, our governor is all for this bill. so i don't think the state medicaid director here, that reflects our person's view.
11:48 am
nevertheless, that issue, i think, is one we need to address. medicaid needs to be reformed, and i think what we know is there are a lot of states where it doesn't work very well. there are a lot of states, because it's an open ended entitlement where they spend more, they get more from the federal government, that's why you have three states in the country, massachusetts, california, new york, getting 37% of all the medicaid dollars. there are a lot of states running efficient programs that aren't benefiting from this and we need more accountability, more transparency, more physical responsibility in the medicaid program i'm putting it on a per capita cap faces going forward with inflationary increases does not. this is going to have to be reformed. this was a great opportunity to do it. everybody talks about reining in out of controlled entitlements that are unsustainable over time. this is an example of doing that, and this is a rare chance, i think, frankly, to put some reforms in place that will make the program sustainable. i understand those who benefit from the existing status quo
11:49 am
want to keep it that way. >> i hear you and i guess it's what we do as human beings. i hear you talking about this in past tense. you are running out of time. the special rules, the budget reconciliation rules that allow you to just have a majority vote, the vice president becoming 50/50 and break the tie, you get past next week, you will need 60 votes. bottom line it for me. where are we, senator thune? >> some people saying why is there not a bipartisan process? senator alexander, republican from tennessee, has been meeting with senator murray, a democrat from washington, and a community that's coming up with a bipartisan one, but frankly, harris, the problem with this issue is we are going environmentally different directions. the democrats want to double down on obamacare and if you take a look at last week the bill introduced by senator sanders and 15 senator democrats moves us to
11:50 am
single-payer. that is a $32 trillion price tag. >> diametrically opposed. >> we believe the best way is to move power back to the states where they can find programs working better for them. it's pro states -- >> i accepted. thank you, sir. >> i think we ought to give this approach a chance. we still have an opportunity to do that until the end of next week, but the issue is not going away. we will be dealing with is going forward because this individual marketplace is in free fall. everybody knows that. it's the question of when and how we are going to fix it. >> i really appreciate your time, and i apologize, breaking news has crunched us, but we will bring you back. we will scoot to the break now.
11:51 am
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11:53 am
>> new tests have revealed that former patriots player and
11:54 am
convicted murderer aaron hernandez had a severe case of cte, which is a neurodegenerative disease which is found in people who have had multiple head injuries. hernandez played three seasons in the nfl. trace gallagher is live with more than that. trace, you probably played a lifetime of football, but three seasons in the nfl, this is where it's being looked at? >> sure. if you break it down what it means to the aaron hernandez case is that lawyers now suing the national football league and the new england patriots accusing them of hiding the true dangers of the sport. the lawyer is also indicating that hernandez's violent behavior and suicide in prison might have been brought on by chronic traumatic the politest, or cte. this lawsuit is different from the suit in the nfl paying a billion dollars to players and families who suffered brain injuries. nfl spokesman joe lockhart, who was once the white house press secretary, says and at times painting aaron hernandez as a
11:55 am
victim is misguided and the nfl will vigorously defend the lawsuit. the fact that hernandez only played for three years in the nfl and played a tight end, which is not necessarily a position involved in contact and every play, will have much larger implications for the game of football itself, including how much stronger focus on college, high school, even pop warner and peewee football. some researchers believe even a few years of youth football can lead to long-term damage. others say it takes many years of repeated pounding to develop cte and other brain disorders. a recent study found cte in 110 out of 111 nfl players whose brains were tested, but all of those players were suspected of having cte when they were alive, like the case of former nfl defensive tackle brian price, who was acting erratically. and when police arrived, price ran through the window of an auto parts store, but he does not remember the incident and
11:56 am
his wife believes he is suffering from cte. but again, there is no way to know until he dies. the focus on football only grows and grows, harris. >> i'm looking at some of the critics of this and people are asking the question, do we have, yet, a one-on-one match between the head injuries and the types of things these people are doing. violence aside, these are very specific acts of violence. >> sure. remember, people who are suffering cte are not just football players, they are in the military, boxers, anybody who has repeated head trauma. so the studies are focusing on the cause, not just football, can be anything in your life where you've had repeated head trauma from it and now they are focusing on youth football as may be it shouldn't start until later in life. >> trays, thank you very much. the latest reaction to senator john mccain saying no to the health care bill that is
11:57 am
being considered. senate majority leader chuck schumer has released a statement. john mccain shows this encouraging congress when he showed as a naval aviator. as soon as repeal is off the table, we democrats are intent on moving the bipartisan process. that's the latest on that. have a great weekend, i'm harris khrushchev. get back to doing what you love. ensure, always be you.
11:58 am
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shr it's noon on the west coast, 3:30a.m. saturday in the north korean capital. kim judge un has called president trump mentally deranged. the president reaching back, calling him a madman. now the north could reanswer threatening the biggest ever hydrogen bomb test in the pacific ocean. jeff horigian a military commander who runs the air far against the islamic state. runs misses in an f-22 raptor. commands tens of thousands of troops. directed mosul, the fight for rakka and oversaw the tomorrow hawk missile strike against syria. when things get tense with russian forces, the general


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